Step 1 What is Your Picnic Location?

Before you continue with the booking process, we need to know about the location you have selected for your picnic. This location can be your own backyard or property, your Airbnb (make sure your hosts have approved beforehand) or another public area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to provide you with the best picnic experiences our curated list of location suggestions was designed with two essential elements in mind; privacy and contact with nature. If you desire to hold your picnic event at a city park, please contact the city and confirm your event is in compliance with all regulations. You are responsible for all permits and fees required at any and all parks managed by the city. We will contact the city to confirm your event is in compliance before setup day.

Please fill in the form below and provide the complete address for your picnic event with a detailed description so our setup crew can get there, unrestricted.