Room Services for Hotels/Cabins

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Whether you are celebrating an important life event or just planning a special evening with your loved one, our room services are designed to make you both remember love is a treasure to cherish.

All of our room services include delivery and setup, plus pickup when applicable.

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Romantic Rendezvous

Because you wish to show your love by adding to your romantic getaway an intimate night where you can express just how very special he/she is to you. Surprise her/him with a delicately decorated room where the two of you can spend a lovely time without worrying about any of the prep-work.

Candles, Red rose silk petals, a date night dancing session ticket to set the mood, a custom song, a chef, a cake, champagne or wine and charcuterie, a romantic challenge game, robes, oils and bubble bath, etc.

Call us and book a lovely time.

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Luxury Services

Our luxury services are made available to you thanks to partnerships we have created together with local small business owners. Chefs and personal servers, bartenders, masseuses, stylists, nail professionals, cooking lessons, carriage and horse rides, etc.

Call us and allow us to pamper you.

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Outdoor Services

Date Night, Movie Night, Picnic, Fire Ring and s’mores, Glamping, outdoor canopy bed, etc.

Call us, we can help you upgrade your outdoor experience.

Click to call us or text us with your questions

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