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We seek to provide experiences that help people (visitors as well as locals) connect with our wonderful natural landscapes, delicious food and with each other. There is a lot the Lincoln Forest Circuit has to offer, and with Festive Event’s “Experience Series” we strive to capture small snapshots of the bigger southwest experience.

Partner with us and help make wonderful experiences happen to wonderful people!

Who can be part of an experience?


As you already know; in the Hospitality Industry customer experience is everything. Our designed experiences can help your hospitality business create and develop unique touchpoints that can enhance the way your customers remember what it was like being hosted by you. Luxury Room Services like a relaxing spa appointment, the necessary decor to set the perfect mood for a romantic rendezvous, or a full dinner setting (outdoors or indoors) for a special date night.


Do you own or manage a unique venue full of natural beauty and unique attractions? Without a doubt our clients are part of your target market and the most likely to enjoy it. Our services include luxury picnics, glamping and date nights, and we are in search of the very best places for our clients to have the very best experiences we are able to find in our area.


We are currently looking to partner with restaurants and wineries able to deliver, private chefs, florists and balloonists, masseuse and spa owners offering “mobile” services.

How you can be part of an experience?

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