Night Events

We have created this unique set of services as a way to indulge our neighbors and share our insights into what makes an experience with your loved ones a memorable one and how that improves your relationships.

Whether it is in your own backyard or at one of our partner venues, we want to help you create a meaningful experience that impacts the connections you have created or want to create with those you care about.

All our setups are priced on a basic package for two people. Up to 10 additional guests can be added for a fee.

Please call us to accommodate larger groups.

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Setup guidelines:

All night event setups are delivered from Sunday – Thursday, and our delivery schedule starts at 4pm. Equipment will be picked up the following morning.

Friday setups need to be completed by 5:30 PM. Equipment will either be picked up Saturday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM or Sunday morning. Decision will be based on Festive Event Schedule. Visit our Friday Overnights page for more info.

Delivery fees apply to all setups. For specific fees to your location, check on the map below and click on your area.

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