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What’s a Micro-Event?

When I say I run a micro-event planning and rental business, I’m always asked the same question: “What’s a micro-event?”

A Micro-event is much smaller than your average event. Although micro-events have a significantly smaller guest list, this alone does not make a micro-event different from your average party. The smaller guest list also makes the experience more intimate, with a better opportunity of creating more memorable connections.

Micro-events are more in-depth than regular events. Due to its tiny size, micro-events are highly detailed, authentic, unique experiences. The small guest list allows for a wider, more creative venue selection, giving your event the option to allow for physical distancing and greater flexibility in designs and floor plans.

Festive Event offers the perfect cross between high-end and budget-friendly while still having all of the traditional features that characterize a memorable occasion. Having a smaller guest list can give you the freedom to splurge on the more luxurious details that really set the scene. You’ll be able to prioritize design and celebrate with a small group of people that are most important to you.

Our purpose is to bring you beautiful, unique and versatile options for indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a small-scale family gathering, a milestone event, or a very intimate wedding, Festive Event will strive to consistently craft a memorable experience for you and your guests.

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